In 1986 I started working for a multi-operator DJ company called Visions Discotheques. I trained with all of the company’s DJs by going out with them and learning the trade and in early 1987 I performed my first event solo, a 21st in Lower Hutt for twins- a boy and a girl.

I remember the night being an interesting challenge. She and her friends were into pop and he and his friends were into rock and metal. It was a successful night however and I was hooked. It’s now been 27 years since that first solo event and I could never have imagined that the ‘hobby that paid’ could become a full-time job, or that I’d still be going stronger than ever at age 45.

I’ve worked in bars, nightclubs, ski lodges, barns, haysheds, paddocks, luxury retreats, private homes, TV studios, driveways, parks, boats and virtually every venue imaginable. I’ve entertained overseas several times and been on live television and radio. I’ve worked my way through turntables, cassettes, VCRs, CDs, desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones and I’ve met some incredible people.

When I started, my car was a VW Daytona Beach Buggy and I’ve now performed several events carrying my entire rig in my convertible Porsche. The evolution in equipment has been spectacular. The events I can perform and the memories I can create would have dumbfounded me in the 1980s. I’ve travelled to America three times and have learned from some of the finest entertainers and business people in the world.

I’ve helped numerous DJs around the country (and around the globe) to improve their service and have created a number of equipment innovations which have been adopted by other operators. I hope to continue to be a positive inspiration and to give back to this wonderful occupation. I’m also going to revisit my training and seek out new materials to improve my business.

This is a great business to be part of and I’m looking forward to making 2013 the best year my business has seen yet (which is a big ask), but I’m excited about the challenge. I’d like to make this year one that marks a dramatic shift in the industry!