Venue: Black Barn Winery, Havelock North. Photo: Eva BradleyI recently had a most interesting and spirited discussion on an online forum for mobile DJs. A lot of them were really struggling to understand how I have repeatedly booked beautiful, elegant weddings in some of the nicest locations in the country, and a a price range that is substantially above what they charge.

They had difficulty comprehending how I do it without spending a fortune on advertising, and why I get bookings and referrals from clients and venues in spite of there being other Mobile DJs who would play the event for a fraction of my price. Here’s an extension of what I told them.

I’m going to let you into a secret. Well-to-do dads who love their little girls, attentive grooms and organised, focused brides will stop at nothing to make sure that special day is stress-free, romantic, tasteful, fun and memorable. Find a way to let them trust you to help create those lifetime memories and regular bookings for top quality wedding entertainment at a professional price will become the norm.

Richard Mills, Master of CeremoniesAs the entertainer;

  • You need to understand respect.
  • You need to understand elegance.
  • You need to understand emotion, sincerity and trust and you need to demonstrate these.
  • You need to exude class and chivalry.
  • You need to listen without judgement.
  • You need to be interested.
  • You need to be prepared.
  • You need to be well presented.
  • You need to be as enthusiastic as they are about the celebration.

THEN… deliver even more than they expect on the day. That’s all.

Need help with any of this? I did initially. Mark & Rebecca Ferrell’s Marbecca Workshops are a fantastic starting point. Peter Merry’s book and seminars are phenomenal resources. Randy Bartlett’s 1% Solution DVD series is also a sensational set of tools to take your learning, talent and skill to the next level.

All of these resources are aimed specifically at helping mobile Wedding DJs offer a better service to their clients. I have invested in every single one of these, and although they are all American presenters, the content remains as true in England as it is in New Zealand, Australia or Mozambique.

People are people and want to be entertained. Invest in you. Invest in your clients.


Guidance for Wedding DJs seeking to improve