Jonathan Saunders from Sutton, United Kingdom asked me on my Facebook page the following in response to this post;

2 questions for you Richard.
1. What age do you see yourself DJing till?
2. Do you think if you didn’t look like an Hollywood actor, do you think you’d get as many bookings?!? In other words, do you think your slick appearance helps get you the quality work?

Although amused, flattered and a little baffled, my reply was;

Interesting questions. I don’t see age as a factor until I’m no longer relevant. As long as I’m up with my musical knowledge, well-read generally, presentable and in good shape physically and mentally, there’s no real threshold. The best wedding and corporate DJs I know are in their 40s and 50s.

Is there an age Sinatra should have stopped? Or Sean Connery? The key is to age gracefully and with dignity, class and style.

As far as looks go, I don’t think I’m all that good looking. I dress well, much better than the average DJs in my country, and I make sure I’m always impeccably groomed. I stay in shape and behave as a gentleman should. Chivalry and respect go a long way.

I know that if I were poorly presented, messy hair, scruffy worn shoes, overweight and a bit course in my demeanour, then my bookings would surely plummet.

People hire me to facilitate their celebrations, but also to represent them to their families, friends and honoured guests.

The key word is presentation. Thanks for your question.