The Remarkable Bose L1 Powered Loudspeaker

Bose L1 powered loudspeaker

Bose L1 powered loudspeaker set up for a wedding at Te Awa Winery, Hastings

Back at the start of March 2006, DJ Richard began investing in the very latest ground breaking professional-user audio technology from Bose. The Bose L1 Loudspeaker is a giant leap forward in loudspeaker technology and it fits into DJ Richard’s set up perfectly.
Through remarkable amounts of research & development, Bose have given the L1 Loudspeaker some incredible attributes. At the start of 2013, Richard’s other company ShowPro Ltd became the licensed agent for Bose commercial products, including the Bose L1 and Bose F1 ranges of portable PA equipment.

Here’s how the Bose L1 powered loudspeaker will be of benefit at your wedding or celebration:

The L1 sounds absolutely beautiful at all volumes. DJ Richard has been listening to and auditioning multitudes of professional and domestic sound systems since starting work as a DJ in 1987, including 18 months working in Wellington’s top boutique HiFi store.The Bose sounds like high-end HiFi compared with the other systems auditioned, which sound like PA. There’s a huge difference in the delicacy, texture and the refinement of the sound compared with most PA systems, which rely on huge speakers to move the sound.

Bose is renowned worldwide for stunning, full, live-sounding music from tiny speakers right? This powered speaker (it has it’s own high-powered amplifiers built-in) is no different. The Bose L1 Loudspeaker looks elegant, so it will fit into your beautiful wedding reception room or any stylish venue with ease.

Gone are the days of DJs hauling in a mobile nightclub with massive 12″, 15″ or even 18″ speaker boxes with large trusses and racks of nightclub lights. Now your DJ’s equipment doesn’t have to look out of place in any setting and the DJ doesn’t need to also be a ‘roadie’ built like a Neanderthal to carry the PA gear. The compact dimensions of the L1 Loudspeaker are illustrated below (click on the images below to see a larger image):


It puts it’s full-range sound out over nearly 180 degrees horizontally (90 degrees is about the maximum for conventional speakers). This means that virtually everyone in the room will be able to hear precisely the same detail and quality of sound, which is wonderful for speeches. Here’s an example of how the sound travels from a conventional speaker versus the Bose L1 Loudspeaker (click on the images below to see a larger image):

Because there are 24 tiny speakers in the Bose L1 powered loudspeaker column instead of one BIG speaker (with a conventional PA system), you can be right up close to the speaker without being blasted. The spread of sound is truly remarkable and it’s easily loud enough for dancing without being too loud for conversation. It’s an incredible dynamic that has to be experienced to be believed!

Bose think of everything it seems. The amplifiers (all 3 of them!) are in each PS1 powerstand base, the L1 column breaks down into 2 pieces for easy transportation and everything comes with it’s own bags and cases for protection and to keep the L1 Loudspeaker looking brand new.

Richard's sons, Cameron (left) and Ben are excited about the new Bose professional sound system!

Everyone gets very excited when a Bose package arrives by courier early one morning. Well OK, perhaps just dads and boys get excited. Mums don’t seem to grasp the gravity of the moment…

DJ Richard owns two Bose L1 Classic Loudspeakers, Bose B1 subs, Bose B2 subs, a pair of Bose L1 Model 1S, a Bose L1 Model 2, a pair of Bose F1 812 Flexible Arrays, a pair of Bose F1 Subs, and a pair of Bose L1 Compacts for ceremonies, speeches and background music. This means that events requiring MORE POWER or multiple zones of beautiful sound can be catered for. These lovely Bose speakers can be connected wirelessly if required to get simultaneous music or speech in several locations.

A couple of additions to the first Bose L1 Classic systems were made for convenience and protection. Firstly a pair of aluminium gun cases were purchased and the original foam packaging from the Bose shipping cartons was trimmed to fit. The L1 columns fit snugly inside these cases, along with the cables and the R1 remote.

When setting up, Richard puts the bags from the B1 or B2 bass bins in these cases and stores them away out of sight in another room, or in the back of his car. This way the L1 columns continue to look brand new.

The other innovation was one that Richard came up with to look after the PS1 Powerstands. These vinyl bags were fabricated from scratch to Richard’s specification and they serve several purposes. They protect the PS1 from scuffs, dust and liquid, while allowing cooling and saving on set up and pack down time.

A new purchase, a Honda portable inverter generator, now means that DJ Richard can provide music and microphone sound support virtually anywhere, from beach to bush, from remote field to snow-covered mountain. Thinking of a remote destination for your wedding ceremony? It’s now covered!