Martin Acrobat Intelligent Effects Lights

Martin Acrobat Intelligent Effect Lights

Here’s a brief YouTube video of what the Martin Acrobats look like with fog machine putting a haze in the air. This isn’t a suitable look for most weddings, so DJ Richard has many other options for lighting. Your event will look the way YOU want it to look.

The Acrobat is an intelligent and dynamic disco lighting effect that lives up to its name with a stunning effect of over 50 ever-changing and continuously moving colour and gobo beams.

A combination colour/gobo wheel, together with a mirrored rotating disc reflector, create an agile beam effect, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing colour and gobo pattern. With 18 gobos + open and 11 full dichroic colours + 3 dichroic split colours + 5 white, the Acrobat has more features than any other comparable act.

The Acrobat adds an additional effect to its act for true uniqueness. The beams are then distributed onto a revolving mirror drum and then, via the advanced pan and tilt feature, cast out in all directions in a stunning burst of colour and movement.

  • 250W halogen lamp
  • 11 colours + 3 split colours + white
  • 18 gobos (shapes)
  • Black out
  • Strobe effect
  • Revolving mirror drum, pan & tilt feature
  • 50 ever-changing moving colour and gobo beams
  • Digital dimmer (0-100%)
  • DMX or stand-alone mode
  • Length: 490 mm Width: 165 mm Height: 190 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg

The Acrobats aren’t perfect for every event, or every venue, but when they are used, they are spectacular. Coupled in with either Freestyler DMX software on Richard’s DJ computer, or via the Martin MC-Showtime DMX Controller, these lights create visual enervy on the dance floor. Available by request only as they require special rigging equipment to work best. Information about tweaks and innovations Richard has made for the Acrobats can be read HERE.