I’ve had the incredible Martin Acrobat lights as part of my equipment for several years now and still find them to be the most remarkable, effective and versatile lighting effect for mobile DJs on the market. They aren’t without their challenges though and one of the problems I had from the outset was the original Martin Acrobat bracket. The problem with the original bracket is that it just didn’t allow the light to hang close enough to vertical for my preference, so I went to an engineering workshop and asked them to fabricate me new brackets, which was cheap and easy. I strapped the DMX cable and power cables to the new brackets with black velcro cable straps and the lights were pre-wired and ready to hang.

The second challenge is that they are heavy, 8kg (17.5 lbs) each and so holding one overhead while I bolted it to the cross-bar of my lighting stand was always a challenge, and putting two onto the bar at ground level and then lifting both (plus the bar) onto the tripod meant an overhead lift of over 16kg, which isn’t easy. The solution I came up with a few years ago was to get the same engineering firm to fabricate for me steel sleeves with bolts welded onto them, which I permanently fixed to the new brackets. I could then just slide the Actobat onto the T-Bar of my lighting tripod and drop in a pin to lock it into place. This means that fitting my lights is easier, faster, safer and I’m a happier DJ because of that!

Thirdly they Acrobat was an expensive light, as you’d expect given the high-quality product that it is. For this reason I wanted to protect my investment, but I’ve never been a fan of heavy industrial-looking flight cases. It occurred to me that a small suitcase would be a good fit and has the added bonus of having a trundler handle and wheels. The cases have been brilliant and have looked after my investment well over the years.