The recent acquisition of a Honda EU10i portable inverter generator was a long-time coming. For years I’d wanted to have a generator so that I had the ability to provide beautiful sound virtually anywhere that my clients required it, as well as back-up power in the event of a power cut. On New Year’s Eve 2009 I finally had a chance to try it out.

The venue was the back lawn outside a disused church in Plimmerton, which my clients had just purchased. They had gathered 160 of their friends for a New Year’s Eve party and a ‘surprise’. I used the generator in the back yard to power a single Bose L1, a laptop and a wireless microphone and played music at a comfortable level as guests arrived and mingled. It worked faultlessly and quietly and will be brilliant for garden weddings, alpine snow weddings and beach weddings in the future.

The surprise was that not only were they engaged, but the guests were there to help celebrate the couple’s wedding. The ceremony went ahead inside the church and then everyone made their way to the Lodge at the Inlet for the reception, where I had my second Bose L1 set up with my DJ console. The whole day was perfect and the generator earned it’s right to be in my equipment list as a great investment.