Do you need to show a video, slide show of photos, or PowerPoint presentation at your event in Wellington? When you book Richard Mills as either DJ or Master of Ceremonies, a data show projector and screen can be added on for very little extra cost through his other business, AV rental company ShowPro Ltd.

Richard will ensure you get a screen that’s large enough to display your image clearly, that looks smart and fits your venue. He will determine what sort of projector you need, taking into account light conditions and calculate the distance the projector needs to be placed from the screen. One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to successful projector and screen hire.

If you wish to switch smoothly between a DVD, a photo slideshow and a holding slide (perhaps a company logo or a monogram of a Bride & Groom’s name, switching equipment can also be arranged. Pricing for all of these solutions can be worked out once your requirements are known.

Crikey! A DJ, a Master of Ceremonies, and now an Audio-Visual specialist as well. Award Entertainment is a one-stop shop. Not only that, DJ Richard now mixes music videos, so that can add a very compelling dimension to your event.