When New Zealand’s largest rural insurance companies had a large company awards dinner and event in 2014, they hired DJ Richard to supplement the amazing talent that is OPSHOP band. Although all of the audio, visual and lighting was already sorted locally, DJ Richard integrated his DJ console into the rig, setting up beside the stage and sound checked prior to the event. When the band took breaks, DJ Richard swung into action, keeping the crowd dancing, singing and having fun, so that the energy level remained high throughout the night.

Working in with a band is always fun, but it is important to not play key tracks from the band’s portfolio of music, as they can only draw on what they know, whereas DJ Richard has tens of thousands of¬†songs to pick from. It’s also important to finish each DJ set with a song that leads into the band’s first song of their next set for continuity, so playlist creation takes some consideration and respect.