One of the questions I occasionally get asked by prospective clients is if they can come to one of my events to watch me work. Although I’d love to have my work observed and would love to be able to demonstrate what I can do to help make a wedding or corporate event really special, I obviously can’t invite people to somebody else’s wedding or celebration.

There are other factors too. The entertainment I offer is personally crafted to each client and many of the following will be unique to that exact event and venue:

  • Placement and layout of my equipment
  • Which items of my DJ gear I’ve used
  • My dress standard
  • My announcement style and content
  • My music selection and playlist order
  • My detailed Wedding Reception Plan and wedding runsheet
  • My relationship with the wedding venue and other event professionals

In other words, even if it was appropriate to have people along to watch me work and evaluate my performance, they aren’t likely to be seeing exactly what they could expect for their event or wedding. Additionally I ought to be putting 100% of my focus into the wedding, celebration or event I’ve been hired to perform at rather than trying to impress prospective clients.

So what can be done? I’m going to try and get video footage of segments of my work from a variety of weddings over the next season and upload them for viewing so that prospective clients can see a sample range of my work. In the meantime, here’s an advertisement I acted in this week for you to at least hear my voice and evaluate my presence. Warning- the advertisement is a touch graphic in places. I wasn’t the writer, just the talent.  I’m the CEO in this piece, not the employee in the makeup. Enjoy!