Will your DJ have back-up equipment in case of an emergency?

Even professional equipment can fail on occasion, so it is important to know whether your DJ has extra components, or hopefully another entire sound system available to them. Often only the top-end professional DJs invest the extra money to ensure that everything works on your event date and backup systems are in place.

Booking a reliable DJ is a very important decision for the success of your event. Many of the cheap DJs only carry a single amplifier for example, so if it should fail, your night is brought to an early and disappointing finish. What about back-up power in case there’s a power cut or fuse-box problem? If a speaker blows, how quickly can the DJ identify the fault, replace the problem component and get back on track with your celebration?

The most important components to have back-up for are the music library and the music source equipment, be it turntables, CD players or PC. Find out about your DJ’s contingency plans in the event of an accident, theft or break-down of these items. Secondary to the source is the cables. If your DJ doesn’t carry spare cables for everything and also if he/she doesn’t practise the over-under cable wrap method of coiling cables, then the likelihood of this becoming a problem is vastly increased. A link to this cable-coiling method is at the end of this post.

Another thing to consider is how your DJ will act if something goes wrong. Is there a strategy in place and a method thought through in advance, or are they likely to just ‘wing it’ if it happens? What about their music collection? Do they have the ability to purchase music at your event, then prepare it and play it should an important song not be in their collection? No DJ has every song, so that’s one thing to consider.