Most people don’t ask a Florist “how much for flowers for my wedding?” without discussing what it is they actually have in mind. It doesn’t make sense to ask a Lawyer for a rate for his/her service without sitting down and discussing your case. You’d probably not ask a builder for a quote without talking about what it is you want to build. Strangely though, wedding MCs and DJs often get pressed by couples to offer a quote without the benefit of a consultation.

The reason I prefer to have a chat before quoting is because there are a lot of unknown variables, both for my and my potential clients. Unless we’ve discussed how you want your day to feel (both for you and your guests) and I’ve given you a bit of an idea about what I can offer, my price won’t really relate to anything. The service I offer is more comprehensive than what most DJs offer and I guess that’s why so many of New Zealand’s top venues and vendors recommend my service.

Pricing for wedding DJs in New Zealand typically ranges from about $650 to $3900 and the service offered varies just as dramatically.

This is a cheap DJ

If your wedding is the Love Boat, don’t hire Gilligan!


Cost of hiring a DJ for your wedding