During a recent thread on a New Zealand wedding forum, contributor Hayhay made the following comment about a DJ in Hawkes Bay;

My SIL used xyz – he was very good, but he did have a very big obvious logo on his booth, which really stuck out to DH and I!

In my opinion this is a big no-no at a wedding. The DJ is there to provide a night of quality entertainment, not to openly promote his service to all of the guests. If he’s good enough, they’ll come and get his cards during the night, or ask the couple later for his contact details. I find it tacky and a bit vulgar to have signs proclaiming your DJ business name and/or contact details.

If this is important to you, if the efforts you’ve gone to in selecting a beautiful venue and decorating it beautifully would clash with this sort of presentation, then please ask your prospective DJ for pictures of his equipment set up at a wedding so you can see what you’ll be looking at all night. Forewarned is forearmed.