It’s a sad fact of my industry that there are many operators who don’t seem to place much importance on the appearance of their equipment relative to the celebration and the venue. I attend weddings all over the country (and a few overseas) and I see how much effort the couple, the venue and the theme/styling people have put into creating a beautiful, romantic and aesthetically pleasing room for the wedding reception.

It pains me to see pictures of DJ set-ups that either dominate the space visually, or are just plain tacky and ugly. There is no excuse for it. Cables should be tidily strapped out of sight and laid cleanly and safely, lighting (generally speaking) shouldn’t dominate the room unless a nightclub atmosphere is called for, speakers shouldn’t look like they were purchased second-hand in 1989 and the console shouldn’t be comparable in size to a garden shed.

I’ll expand on this in future blog posts, but for now, here are some examples of what I’m talking about. Please endeavour to see pictures of the set up that your prospective DJ will be bringing to your beautiful venue, preferably pictures that they took at a previous event at the same venue.