Pair of Bose L1 Classic sound systems for sale! (Now SOLD)

Bose-L1-Classic-7Since early 1986 (when I performed my first paid event as a mobile DJ), there have been six major improvements in my business.

  1. Moving into business for myself after working for a multi-op.
  2. Migrating from vinyl to CD (on the game-changing Denon DN-2000F!).
  3. Migrating from CD to PC.
  4. Becoming a Master of Ceremonies as well as a DJ.
  5. Travelling to America three times to attend MobileBeat DJ Show and learn from the best in the industry.
  6. Buying the Bose L1 system and becoming the first DJ in New Zealand to use it exclusively.

Generally these improvements helped me book better events, and earn better money, while simplifying my set up and pack-in times. Arguably the most effective amongst these has been the migration to laptop and the adoption of the incredible Bose L1 system. I look after my equipment fastidiously, and it rewards me with great cosmetic appeal, as well as utmost reliability. I have reached the point now however, where I have more Bose sound equipment than I need, and it’s time to let someone else enjoy their turn with my original Bose L1 systems.

About the L1 Systems

The L1 Classic is the name now used to describe the first L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker introduced in the United States, in October 2003. The Classic remained in production until 2007 when it was replaced by the L1® Model I. Visually and acoustically the L1 Classic is almost identical to the Model I, with only a few notable differences. You can read a huge amount about these speakers on the unofficial Bose L1 Wiki page, which has everything you need to know. The original owner’s manual is here: Bose L1 Classic Owner’s Guide.

The Bose L1 Classic System brings full, natural sound to your performances and makes set ups and sound checks a breeze. The L1 Model 1 family of products puts the musician back in control of the music. Eliminates many of the common problems of conventional amplification while delivering uncommonly consistent sound for you and your audience. Bose includes L1 Cylindrical Radiator speaker, PS1 power stand, and R1 remote control.

System power: 250W to upper section, 250W to lower section and 250W to either one B1, two B1s or a B2. The Bose L1’s unique design delivers a wide dispersion pattern with nearly 180-degrees of coverage that offers extended, even sound levels with no need for conventional monitors, amp, PA system, mixing console, or a tangle of cables. The PS1 Power Stand takes the place of those components, as well as being the mechanical support for the L1. It has 2 balanced mic/line and 2 unbalanced line inputs. Presets optimize the L1 for use with a variety of instruments and vocal mics.

The R1 Remote Control with 3-band EQ/volume control for each of the mic/line inputs and overall volume control for the system (inputs 1-4) make it easy to tweak your sound on the fly.

The L1 puts it’s full-range sound out over nearly 180 degrees horizontally (90 degrees is about the maximum for conventional speakers). This means that virtually everyone in the room will be able to hear precisely the same detail and quality of sound, which is wonderful for speeches. Here’s an example of how the sound travels from a conventional speaker versus the Bose L1 Loudspeaker.

What’s for sale now sold

I have two complete Bose L1 Classic systems for sale as pictured below. Each includes the following:

  • PS1 power stand
  • R1 remote control
  • Remote control cable
  • Upper and Lower L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
  • Carrying bag for the PS1 power stand
  • Custom-made heavy duty vinyl padded bag for the PS1 power stand
  • Carrying bags for the L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
  • Protective plug
  • B1 bass module
  • Carrying bag for B1 bass module
  • B1 bass module 4-wire cable (blue)
  • IEC plug AC power cable with tapon plug


Both of these systems have been used, but not ever abused. At the peak of their business, I had these out about 30 times a year, but usually only one at a time and I would rotate them to ensure they both got similar air time, so I guess they played about 15 or 20 times a year each only. The condition is extremely good, as you can see from the pictures, although there is some wear visible if you look super close. I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t.

I’ve entertained 300 wedding guests in a tennis-court sized marquee with just one of these systems and not been asked even once that night to ‘turn it up’! Prior to the Bose, I owned a pair of Mackie SRM450s and a Wharfedale 15″ powered sub. Just one Bose L1 put out a much bigger, smoother, much more pleasant sound than my previous system, and it filled the room far, far better.

I’m only too happy to audition them for anyone who is in Wellington and would like a look and a listen. You won’t be disappointed. If you feel like you need more punch, add a second B1 Bass Module, or swap out the B1 for a B2 Bass Module, which will blow your mind! The last one of these that I saw come up for sale sold quickly on TradeMe for $2110 and that was without the custom vinyl Powerstand bag and with a dented grill.

If there’s no interest within a few days, I’ll list these two systems on TradeMe, but I thought I’d better offer these here first. I’m asking $2000 for each of my two L1 Classics here, but will have a higher ‘buy now’ if they don’t sell here first. The new equivalent is the L1 Model II system with B1 bass and ToneMatch audio engine, and the current retail on that is NZ$5,245. If you are interested, please email me on or contact me on 027 446 6064 urgently.

These are now sold. For any Bose professional enquiries, please see my shop site,