auction-blogI recently supplied sound equipment and Master of Ceremonies (MC) services for a charity fundraising auction for Skylight Trust, a charitable group who support people of all ages who are facing a tough life situation of change, loss, trauma or grief – whatever the cause. It’s a worthy and noble cause.

The evening was going well and my announcements and sound equipment were all spot on and the evening was tracking well until 4 miutes before the charity auction was due to start, the professional auctioneer (a real estate auctioneer currently, and former car auctioneer) had to urgently leave due to illness.

I was approached to take over immediately and with no preparation, stepped up to try and raise funds with little knowledge of how to conduct an auction. I’d watched several auctions, but hadn’t paid much attention to the auctioneer’s technique, so I was totally unprepared.

As it turned out, I coped extremely well and every item sold above face value. I had tremendous positive feedback from many of the people attending, and I was thrilled to receive the following email a few days later:

Hi Richard
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for all your amazing input to our fundraising evening on Monday night. We really appreciated the way you stepped in to do the auction at the last minute when Graeme had to leave, you did a fantastic job and we were delighted with the money we raised from the event.

Kind Regards
Amanda Johnson
Skylight Trust
Donor Relations and PR Co-ordinator