In a recent post on his blog, my fellow DJ Nick Logan commented “If you’re looking at a photographer who “has great pictures but is much cheaper than everyone else”, ask yourself WHY that is”.  I found this comment extremely poignant and it really holds true for any service provider, DJs included.

If a DJ says he does everything for you that the recognised professional DJs do, but for a fraction of theprice, perhaps ask yourself how and why? If he could do everything the pro does, wouldn’t he also charge a professional fee for his time, effort, learning, expertise and talent?

Has he taken time out of his busy schedule and day job to learn more about his craft? Has he invested time and money in attending seminars, workshops, training, courses and conventions relating to the art of entertaining? Has he dedicated himself to helping you form a proper written plan to make your event a success? Will he even guarantee in writing his personal attendance on the day?

In short, if he was doing everything the pro DJ does, why isn’t he charging a professional rate? Doesn’t he value his own service highly?

Qualified graduate of the Marbecca Method Master of Ceremonies (MC) Workshop, held in Las Vegas in Feb 2008.
As for me, I am constantly striving to learn more. I want to consistently offer my clients and their guests the absolute best that is available in quality DJ entertainment. I’ve subscribed to MobileBeat Magazine, attended the MobileBeat DJ Convention

in Las Vegas in 2006, 2008 and 2009, I own copies of Randy Bartlett’s 1% Solution DVD set for DJs, Scott Faver’s GameMaster DVD series, Peter Merry’s ‘The Best Wedding Reception EVER’ and dozens more books, CDs, DVDs and other materials all acquired to help me improve my craft.

I completed the Advanced Master of Ceremonies workshop in Las Vegas in 2008 and am one of only two DJ/MCs in New Zealand with this certification. Even the best actors, sports people and business people keep practicing their craft, getting coaching and getting direction from others. Do I wonder what work the cheaper guy is doing to improve his service to his clients? You BET I DO!

Marbecca Method MC Workshop, Las Vegas 2008