In a recent news story I read how in Australia, Austereo radio listeners will be able to control what is being played on air in real time and even nix bad song choices as they are playing in a radical new experiment that blends online and traditional broadcasts.

The radio network, in partnership with US internet radio station Jelli, will unveil a new 24-hour national digital radio station, Hot30 Jelli, next month. It will let listeners go online and vote on the music they want to hear on the terrestrial station in real time.

The thought that immediately crossed my mind was that this is likely to be just like an iPod, but with advertismenents every few songs. Just what the world DOESN’T need in other words. What a flat, two-dimensional entertainment media it would be without the input of a real human.

Or perhaps I’m wrong and this is the sign of things to come. I certainly hope not.