I’ve seen a lot of these fake microphones popping up again, so I thought I’d post this as it’s good consumer advice. It also applies to the Sennheiser brand and presumably others, although I don’t have pictorial evidence of them.

Be aware that there have been quite a few fake Shure SM58’s appearing over the last few years. If you’ve bought one of these you may as well have bought a $15 microphone as that’s all it’s worth.

If you have bought a SM58 from anyone other than an authorised Shure dealer and are concerned that it’s a fake then have a look at the pictures below. In all these pictures the one on the left is genuine, the one on the right is fake. If yours is not identical to the one on the left in all aspects then you’ve got a fake.
Take a look at the metal ring under the grille, if it is flat then it’s fake. If it is contoured like the one on the left it could be real but it’s still not guaranteed. And yes they even copy the warranty card although this too is different to the genuine one.

If your mic comes with a cable packaged in the box then it is also sure to be a fake as real ones don’t come with a cable. Most of the fakes are of the switched version so if you have a bought a switched one then be even more careful.

Basically, if it seems too cheap then it’s likely to be a fake, no-one in their right mind is going to be selling a real SM58 for well less than retail unless it’s used, stolen or fake, just look at the cheapest price you can buy in the US, add on the shipping and do the maths!

Credit to New Zealand online Trader ProSound for this article and photos.

Once again, in all these pictures the one on the left is genuine, the one on the right is fake.



Please accept my apologies if this article identifies that yours is a fake.