Having excitedly resigned from my full time employment, I have now turned professional and am 100% a full-time mobile MC and DJ. The reason for this change is that there simply wasn’t enough time to properly prepare for each wedding or event, as well as spend time with my family. This will allow me to have more comprehensive preparation and even better events and celebrations from now on. I am extremely proud to be one of very few 100% full-time professional mobile DJs in New Zealand. The vast majority of DJs still rely on a primary unrelated income to subsidise their DJ work. Many actually consider being a DJ as ‘a hobby that pays’!

Recognising this evolution, Rendezvous Discotheques Ltd has now officially become Award Entertainment Ltd. Branding has now been changed and I have phased in the new business name. Nothing other than the name is changing, apart from the change to full-time professional DJ/MC.

The name change also reflects that times have changed and that the terms ‘disco’, ‘discotheques’ ‘sounds’ and ‘road show’ no longer represent the service provided by me. Also, virtually nobody was able to spell ‘Rendezvous’!

Sign-written DJ Transportation

One of the first and most obvious changes is the Award Entertainment company car, which has just received it’s new livery (sign writing). Here’s DJ Richard’s work vehicle, the trusty Holden V8 Station Wagon.