It came to my attention recently that there is a DJ operating in the lower North Island who has a conviction (and spent time in prison) for an abhorrent indecent assault on a female guest after an event. Another DJ in New Zealand had a complaint of alleged inappropriate behaviour levelled against him when he was a scout leader.

I realise that these are isolated cases, but it got me thinking about ethics, morals and scruples and it prompted me to get in touch with the Ministry of Justice to get a letter confirming my own clean criminal record.

I’m appalled that there are individuals being trusted by people to come to their private family gatherings and entertain, when they have a criminal history of sexual abuse in exactly this social setting. I’m keen to start a movement where professional, diligent and honest DJs are not tarred by the same brush as these vultures and am starting with this. Here is my proof that my record is clear and that I can be trusted. Please feel free to quiz your DJ on where their proof is. If they refuse to provide it, ask yourself why not?