For the third time I made the pilgrimage to America for the annual MBLV DJ show. This trip is always incredible, as I get my enthusiasm boosted, catch up with the very latest developments in equipment and performance, but mostly because of the incredible knowledge sharing and ideas I get from other attendees. The one area where most DJs fail is in continual self improvement. If your DJ isn’t doing something to improve their talent, knowledge and performance skills, then they are not getting better.

The most critical piece of equipment any entertainer has is his or her unique talent. If that talent is not getting constant attention and improvement through some form of appropriate learning or development, then they simply are not getting better at helping your event become a true success and be as unforgettable as it can be. This year I was fortunate enough to ride along with one of America’s finest wedding DJs to a wedding in California on the 21st February. More on that shortly!