In one of his recent blog posts, Mark Ferrell made the following comments;

Any party is by its very definition a function of entertainment – it’s an entertainment function.

Even when spending the absolute most for a DJ, when hiring the very best they can find, saying that “money is no object,” the amount spent is minimal as a percentage of the total cost of the event. It’s an even greater bargain when taken as a percentage of the overall success of the event. Most couples who hire great entertainment will tell you that it apprised much more than 80% of the success of the event. 10% of the budget for 80% of the success of the event is an amazing deal.

Yet most couples will spend more money on favors, ice, veggie trays, flowers, etc., and “save” money on a “cheap” DJ. But the “DJ” will have more impact – good or bad – than any other item a couple and their families will choose for the event. If people leave the event early because the entertainment isn’t good enough to keep everyone included, engaged, entertained, informed, and pleasantly surprised — the couple has effectively wasted everything on which they spent money to create this event, because their guests didn’t stay to enjoy it. Hiring the best entertainment you can afford will ensure you and your guests enjoy the full value you’ve spent for this one and only event.

The rest of the blog post is well worth reading and is available HERE. Mark Ferrell provides inspiration and information by conducting workshops, seminars, and discussions on speaking and presentation skills to help create a more thoughtful, passionate, and caring world.