For most people, hiring a DJ is a new experience. What do you need to ask? What are the differences between a great DJ and an average DJ? How can you be confident that you’ll get the entertainment experience you’re hoping for? How can you be sure that the DJ you choose will even show up?!

This series of comments on my blog will hopefully offer you some guidance to narrow down your choice. Once you’ve got a short list, please arrange an interview with your finalists. Personality, passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and competence are what you’re looking for here. Without any further ado, lets get started with part 1, ‘Is the DJ available for your date?’

Start your query by asking about availability for the date, time and location of your event.

This will save you time. If they aren’t available, move on to the next DJ. Perhaps ask if there’s anyone that the DJ recommends. Even the best DJ can usually only perform one event on any day unless they are a multi-operator company with numerous DJs working for them. If they are a multi-op and you like the sound of them, insist on meeting the DJ who the company guarantees will be your DJ on the day.

Once you’ve established availability and the DJ has passed the initial attitude test (if he’s available, but clearly a Neanderthal, then you can probably erase him from your short list), get an interview arranged. Ideally in person, but if this isn’t possible, then over the phone is better than nothing. A word of warning- don’t leave your enquiry as just a ‘pencil booking’ on this first phone call. A pencil booking isn’t a secured booking and if someone else fronts up with a more desirable offer, you might well miss out altogether.

In part 2 we’ll ask how your DJ can help make your event unique and memorable. This ought to be fun!

Check that the DJ is available for your event first

Is your DJ available for your date and for your venue?