Can you meet with the DJ personally?

Does the DJ you’re considering tell you anything about themselves in their website or advertising, or are you hiring an unknown? Most people would like to know a little about the person who will be entertaining at their event, particularly if it’s a wedding, and a face to face meeting is the best way to achieve this. Most professionals should be happy to come to you, assuming you’re in the same region.

What’s their appearance and physique like? Will they drink or smoke on the night? These things may not be important to some, but don’t be afraid to ask for a meeting if the information is missing. If there are no photos or biography of them on their own website, are they hiding something?

Are they well groomed? Your DJ should be freshly shaved and clean with tidy hair, smart clothing and polished shoes. Will they wear a formal dinner suit (tuxedo), tidy-casual, or a T-shirt and black jeans? Find out ahead of time and make your preferences known. Different events command different attire. If you want your entertainer in a tuxedo or a theme costume, make sure you know whether there is an additional charge as most DJ’s in New Zealand don’t even own formal attire! Waiters dress professionally, so why not your entertainer?

When you meet with a prospective DJ/MC, how much effort do they put in to learning about your style, taste and preferences? Are they organised and clearly in control? Do they offer you any form of written plan to assist with your preparations? This person will be representing you in front of your family and guests. Make sure you are confident in your choice of entertainer.