I’ve had a spate of enquiries lately from couples wanting a quote before talking or meeting with me. I find this very difficult because my service isn’t a ‘five hours’ type of service by any measure. I’m often on site from a couple of hours before the ceremony until half an hour after the finish of the reception. 14 hour days aren’t uncommon. Price isn’t an easy thing to discuss without an understanding of value.

This is, of course, after I’ve already done the 12 to 20 hours of preparation, which includes planning, run-sheet creation, communication with other vendors, correspondence, meetings, phone calls, emails, music acquisition, scripting, rehearsal, training and of course equipment maintenance.

DJ & MC at the Boatshed venue for weddings & eventsCommunicating this well in an email is all but impossible. Over the phone it’s possible but difficult. In a meeting, couples start to really ‘get it’ and start to see the importance of the entertainment as a considerable percentage of the overall success of the wedding day. Once they see that percentage, the percentage of the overall wedding day budget starts to make sense and my service becomes a very viable investment. A bride once told me that she was going to get 150 quality chair covers with beautiful sashes at $18 each.

She had originally budgeted $2700 for things that, although beautiful, were going to be under her guest’s backsides for much of the reception. After our consultation, priorities changed dramatically and her DJ budget tripled.  Their wedding was stunning and their guests are still talking about it two years later. I know, because some of them have now booked me for their weddings. Here then, is my open letter to couples who want a quote from me before talking with me about what I can do for them and their guests.

Thank you for your enquiry. I hope the following comes across the right way- the written word is so difficult.

I’m not cheap, and there are a lot of reasons for that. In fact I’m one of the most expensive wedding DJs in the country, and I usually work 20-30 weddings per year at prices around the top of the range in New Zealand. For that rate, my clients get a totally unique and personalised service and I’m booked on referrals almost exclusively.

People hire me to ensure that their wedding will be unlike any other celebration that they and their guests have ever been to. They book me to ensure that their day flows perfectly, that their guests don’t leave as soon as the DJ starts and that everyone feels like they are part of something truly special and memorable.

Typically I put between 12 and 20 hours of preparation into every wedding, plus 12 or 14 hours on site on the day. If you really just want three and a half hours of music, I’m not the DJ for you and you’ll likely find a ‘turn up and press play’ DJ for around a quarter of my fee.

If you want some ideas to help make your day one that your guests will talk about happily for years to come, then we should talk. In the meantime, please feel free to click HERE and download my wedding reception planner, which is a guide to help you with the planning of your wedding reception and is yours to use for no charge. It will help you plan out your reception and will hopefully offer some thoughtful ideas and prompts for things you may not have thought of. It’s yours to use, although if you are showing it to other wedding professionals, please be aware that its contents are copyright.

Another thing which you may find helpful is my guide for wedding MCs. It’s available HERE.


Richard Mills
Winner Best Nationwide DJs & MCs, Corporate Events Guide People’s Choice Awards

For the record, personalised wedding entertainment with Richard ranges in price depending on many factors including location, but typically budget between $2200 and $4000. To find out why, call to arrange a free personal consultation. I guarantee you’ll come away with some wonderful new ideas and a fresh excitement for your upcoming wedding!