I was reading comments from a British DJ on a UK DJ forum today. At the last wedding he entertained, he was getting ready to play the first dance for the Bride & Groom. He got the song queued up, prepared the following song also, checked that the couple were ready to go, then announced the first dance.

The couple came on, danced their first dance together as Husband and Wife, and then their next dance also. At this point the photographer came into the room. He had been downstairs at his car and missed the whole thing. The room reset and the couple did a ‘mock’ first dance for the camera. How awful and how embarrassing for everyone.

This is exactly why I find out early whether the photographer is staying for the dance. It’s also why I am liaising with all on-site event professionals as well as my clients and their VIP guests before I make any announcements. A problem avoided is always better than a problem solved I believe.

I believe that this wasn’t a failure on the part of the photographer, but a major failure on the part of the MC/DJ. Interestingly, the DJ who was telling the story didn’t see it that way.

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