Alonya & Richard’s Wedding, Australian Museum, Dinosaur Room, Sydney

Click on this link to read a great blog post about the wedding I entertained recently in Sydney, Australia;
DJ:Plus! Elegant Weddings & Corporate Events – Sydney, Australia | Sydney Wedding DJ Blog: Wedding Reception | 11 November 2011 | Alonya and Richard Cullinan | Australian Museum, Dinosaur Room, Sydney.

I was thrilled to be hired to entertain as DJ and MC for Richard and Alonya at the Australian Museum and thrilled to have the incredible assistance of DJ:Plus (Serge), who provided virtually all of the equipment, technical assistance and (at my request), critique of my performance. I’ll write more about the trip to Australia when I’ve got a moment, but in the meantime, please click on through to Serge’s wonderful blog post and take a look at the pictures.


Here’s an interactive panorama shot of the room before the guests arrived: