A few months ago I was fortunate enough to purchase an extremely compact data/video projector for an extremely reasonable price. I had the intention of using it to play video footage that I occasionally get asked to present at my client’s events. Messages from those who couldn’t be there in person are one example of this, and slide shows of the couple growing up is another.

A very talented DJ and MC colleague of mine from Auckland, David Seel, suggested projecting a nice, slowly revolving monogram of the couple’s initials. This idea really appealed to me and here are the first official photos of how it looks. The photos were taken by Eva Bradley, a charming and astonishingly talented photographer based in Hawkes Bay. The venue is the Black Barn in Havelock North.

In addition to the projected monogram, I’ve used an LED light to create the red uplight. I had this subtly changing colours for the open dancing later as you can see from the teal blue lighting in the third picture. I believe that these three pictures show how effective subtle lighting can be, especially when your venue is as lovely as the Black Barn.