Choosing a first dance song can be a real challenge for many couples. If you are having difficulty deciding on a first dance, here’s a fun idea to add a little bit of mystique to your reception and involve your guests in one of the major elements.

Sit down as a couple and come up with around 5 possible first dance songs. On the night, have your Master of Ceremonies/DJ put out a card on each table with the songs and have each table vote secretly for the song they’d like as your first dance. Have the cards gathered up and the results collated by the MC and have the winning song announced as you are on the floor ready to start dancing.

This will add an element of surprise for you, and it will be extra special as the song was chosen specially for you by your guests. For extra credit, learn a good dance for each song choice so you can really impress the guests!

Bride & Groom's first dance guest's selection

Bride & Groom’s first dance guest’s selection