I read this recently and thought it sounded like a HUGE, yet amusing challenge for the Groom-to-be and his entourage:

Stag will be wearing a full wedding dress with a veil all day. And the rules are as follows:

If he takes the veil off at any time… Punishment.

If he goes to the toilet without completing the “chicken dance”… Punishment

If a vessel is left unfinished… Punishment

If anyone besides those in the stag party talk to the stag… He must respond in a girls voice!

Day begins at 10am.

Starts with Breakfast at mine… Then straight into the alcohol (I’ll be looking after everyone cause I don’t drink.)

Golf first… But with conditions…

We have 3 groups of 4, whoever wins hole 1,3,5,7,9 in each group gets punished. Losers of hole 2,4,6,8 get punished. Hole 3, everyone chooses a club, passes it to the person on their right, and that is their club for the hole. Hole 6, no clubs at all… You have to throw the ball. Hole 8… Have to use a tennis ball and not a golf ball.

Punishment throughout the day is a shot, or getting hit in the nuts with a ball for those that aren’t drinking.

After golf is lunch… Then Paintball.

Normal rules until the final round where we will put antlers on the Stag and he has to run around while we all shoot at him.  Then dinner.

After this, we should be just in time for kick off for the All Blacks/Wallabies game. Rules for this are the Stag represents NZ for the game… Every time Aussie scores, he has to drink. Vice versa for those participating.

Then into town to wreck havoc on the night clubs.

Rules for the stag are:

He must have a female purchase a drink for him in each club

He must ask the first male that he sees in the club (not related to the stag party) “so… do you come here often?”

He must not refuse a drink from a stag party member.

Although, if he manages to obtain a phone number from a girl, then he is exempt from all rules until the next club.