For the most part, I talk with my clients about their celebration and how I can offer ways to help bring it to life while making it unique and fun. I don’t talk much about my DJ gear as it’s really only a tool I use to provide my service and deliver my entertainment, but it’s worth mentioning a few things about it.

Over the years I’ve worked very hard at making sure my DJ equipment fits several important criteria. First, the equipment MUST be totally reliable in a mobile environment. I work all over New Zealand and on occasion internationally, so I need total confidence in my gear. That’s one reason why I bought Bose DJ speakers.

Secondly, the equipment must be easy for me to transport, set up and operate. For that I designed and built my own custom DJ console, which has worked exceptionally well. It’s compact, light weight and is laid out exactly as I need. All I do is plug in my laptop and my powered speakers and I’m ready.

Thirdly, the equipment must be compact and visually unobtrusive. My clients have usually spent thousands of dollars making their venue look stunning and it really galls me when I see pictures of huge, ugly DJ set ups dominating an entire end of the room. They usually don’t look good and they take up far too much of the precious floor space, which is usually at a real premium.

Here’s my DJ gear set up at Stoneridge in Queenstown. The black pole against the back wall is my Bose speaker and you can just make out the black-skirted DJ console next to it. Very compact, very visually discreet.

DJ Richards minimal DJ gear set up at Stoneridge in Queenstown, New Zealand

DJ Richard's minimal DJ gear set up at Stoneridge in Queenstown, New Zealand

If big and brash is actually what you want, it’s very easy for me to bring more gear. One item that is popular for a bit of bling is my trusty 16′ mirrorball. It’s a wonderful effect. Add to that full-on controlled intelligent lighting and massive speakers (which I hire as required) and I can build you a nightclub environment if that’s what you want.

So will people dance if the DJ don’t have a huge sound and lighting rig set up? If your DJ is any good at their job, YES! Here’s a photo from a little later in the evening at that same wedding. Two tables were cleared to make way for dancing.

Guests dancing and having a great night at a wedding

Guests dancing and having a great night at a wedding