Bride & Groom Magazine

The magazine says it all. BRIDE is in huge letters. The Groom is a mere accessory.

Since 1986 I’ve been fortunate enough to be in attendance as hundreds of couples have exchanged their vows and celebrated with friends and family. In that time, I’ve witnessed all manner of things that have made the day better, and I’ve seen a lot of things that have made the day worse. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is how much amazing advice, guidance and helpful information exists for Brides and how little exists for Grooms.

For this reason, I’m running a workshop/seminar to help Grooms get some unbiased guidance, support and enthusiasm from a man who knows what they’re up against and has the experience to help. I’ve run this seminar a few times with great success with my esteemed colleague, Auckland DJ Nick Logan at the Grand Wedding Show at Sky City, and we’ve had hugely positive feedback from the men attending. Sorry ladies- this is a men’s seminar only.

In the seminar, we’ll discuss how to be more than just a bloke in a sharp suit, and we’ll cover ways for Grooms to feel an important part of the day, as well as the planning and lead-up to the day. I’ll be sharing some wonderful ideas about how you can be ‘The Man’ of the hour/day, and making your Bride feel like the luckiest person in the world at the same time. I’ll give you some awesome free tips about your speech and will be taking questions to help fill you with  confidence. I fully expect you’ll come away with renewed enthusiasm and excitement for your wedding.

Richard Mills, MC & DJ

Richard runs a seminar specifically for Grooms

Where & When?

The next Groom’s Workshop will be at the North City Wedding Expo at Porirua’s Te Rauparaha Arena, Sunday 26th January 2014, time to be confirmed. For this workshop, there will be no sales pitch, no pressure and no cost to attendees, other than entrance to the wedding show. Guys- you’ll score big brownie points simply for attending!

Are you interested? Please contact Richard and include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name(s)
  • Your phone numbers
  • How many of you will be attending